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        Semi-automatic side labeling machine

        BG226- semi-automatic double side labeling machine

        Product parameters
        Labeling accuracy: ±0.5mm (excluding product and label errors)
        Labeling speed: 20 ~ 45 PCS/min, depending on product length and quality
        Applicable products: samples provided by customers
        Applicable label: rolled label provided by customer
        Machine size: 800×800×1000mm (length × width × height)
        Applicable power supply: 220V 50/60hz
        Machine weight: about 250Kg.
          BG226- semi - automatic double - side labeling machine
          Product application:
                This product belongs to the special labeling machine, the side of the labeling can be applied to all kinds of irregular products, such as concave surface and the circular arc surface labeling, etc., the products are widely used in daily chemical, electronics, toys, food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries product labeling requirements, such as shampoo bottles, detergent bottles, bottle, packing box, plastic bottles and plastic boxes, etc.
          Semi-automatic double side labeling machine
          Product application cases:

          Semi - automatic double side labeling machine case

          Working principle:
          Sensors detect the product in place or stamped on the signal products in place, the signal is passed to the labeling of PLC control system, and then the signal after dealing with the high speed of PLC, control actuators in the appropriate time to send out the non-drying label attached to the product set position and for printing, product flows through the device, the tag coating is firm, a label attached.
          Operation mode:
          Product placement (manual control) -- > judgment in place (device detection control or manual control) -- > labeling and evaluation (automatic implementation of the device) -- > taking out the labeled product (manual control).
          Sticker production requirements:
          The spacing between labels is 2-4mm
          The label is 2mm from the bottom edge
          Label backing paper is made of grassine, which is strong enough to avoid breaking (avoid cutting) the backing paper.
          Coil core inner diameter 76mm, outer diameter less than 260mm, single row arrangement.
          The above label production needs to be combined with your product, please contact our engineers for specific requirements and the result shall prevail!
          Product features:
          Fast and efficient, double header design, can stick two labels at one time
          Powerful function, can be used for the side of various products, concave plane, arc surface labeling
          Easy to operate, the whole labeling process automatically completed, only manual feeding and unloading
          Intelligent control, use big brand PLC intelligent system
          Stable equipment, can support 24 hours work
          Durable and durable, the circuit and the air circuit are arranged separately, and the air circuit is equipped with a purification device to avoid moisture in the air from harming the electrical appliances
          Equipped with manual/automatic labeling control mode, which can be adjusted according to requirements
          Optional functions and components:
          1. Automatic feeding function
          2. Automatic feeding function (considering the product)
          3. Printer module
          4. Online printing machine module
          5. Other functions (customized according to customer requirements).
          Please submit your basic information, we will contact you as soon as possible!





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