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      2. Welcome to Shenzhen Bogao Marking Technology Co. Ltd.
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        Service Commitment

        Pre-sale service
        1. Listening to Needs
        Customers interested in purchasing Bogao labeling machine can call for consultation, provide detailed information, and make a detailed understanding of the products that need to be labeled. Listen to customers‘needs, achieve labeling effect, and recommend products that meet customers‘ needs.
        2. tailor-made
        According to the needs of customers, tailor-made labeling machine is designed to meet the needs of labeling products.
        3. Free product trial service
        In order to see a more intuitive effect, customers can send samples. Film labeling video, watch labeling effect satisfaction and then purchase, truly achieve zero risk of procurement.
        In-Sale Service
        1. Use guidance
        Provide customers with appropriate product use training and engineering construction technology consultation. Product description and video presentation.
        2. Door-to-door teaching for Engineers
        To purchase products, our company will arrange engineers to install, debug, and operate training in your company to ensure the normal operation of the machine and skilled operation of labeling machines.
        If you have any after-sales questions to consult, you are welcome to call our after-sales customer service hotline: 13808851890
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