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        Successful application case of food industry

        Time:2019-08-14 Views:1059 Publish:
              Bogao food industry labeling machine is mainly for the needs of all walks of life in the market at present developed, food printing labeling machine compact reasonable, simple and beautiful appearance, simple and convenient labeling. It is mainly used for label printing and packaging of various industries. Self-adhesive roll label paper is adopted, and the label is rolled to finish the process of labeling. Self-adhesive label machine has the advantages of cleanliness, no mildew, good appearance, firm, and high production efficiency.
        Food printing and labeling machine
              In order to ensure food safety, effectively control the outbreak of foodborne diseases, and eliminate the restrictions of laws and regulations on food tracking and tracing in importing countries, the establishment of food tracking and tracing in China will have a huge impact on the development of the food industry.
              The printing label can be used in the food industry to label cartons and packaging boxes, large packaging bags, mobile phone boxes, food cans, mobile phone boxes from the bar code printing label, supermarket weighing printing label price, to the food name, date, weight, bar code printing label.
              Weighing and printing labeling is relatively common in food labeling. The weighing and printing labeling machine is a production and packaging equipment to improve the efficiency of manual system. It has a weighing unit and labeling unit integrated into one, and can print real-time weight label, production date and other variable information. Set the price of products, set the unit price of products, automatically calculate the total price of individual products, can also be connected to the system to produce qr code tracing code, tracking the products.
              The weighing and printing labeling machine is equipped with the weighing system. The computer obtains the weighing information and calls the corresponding database. The zebra printer obtains the printing signal and prints a price tag corresponding to the weight in the set format.
              With the continuous development of food packaging industry, food label is not only a description of food information, it can also achieve the tracking and management of food sales. When food problems occur, labels can help companies recall and deal with the problem food in a timely manner. This also means that food labels need to be better at sticking to them. Labeling equipment is becoming an indispensable part of the food packaging industry with its high efficiency and high quality advantages.
              Application of equipment
        Application equipment of food labeling machine
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