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        Successful cases of labeling in manufacturing industry

        Time:2019-08-14 Views:1081 Publish:
              Customer status: label content generation, label printing, manual labeling
              Problems: 1. Labels are misaligned and need to be re-printed and re-pasted, which is a waste of cost. 2
              The customer needs to improve the capacity and save the cost, and provide the solution of automatic printing and labeling, which is mainly divided into the following steps: putting products -- generating label content -- sensing products -- printing labels -- product labeling -- collecting labeled products.
        Manufacturing labeling successful cases
              According to the customer demand non-standard research and development of online automatic printing labeling machine, easy to solve this problem, and for the customer to solve the "untidy", "frothing" and other troubles, from labor greatly save the cost, increase the profit space and convenient management. Labeling function maximizes material saving and minimizes label waste.
              Borgo is mainly aimed at the current manufacturing industry market in the needs of all walks of life developed, online automatic printing labeling machine in the use of labels can be applied to adhesive labels, non-drying film, electronic regulatory code, bar code, etc. Applied to planar labeling on all kinds of things, such as books, folders, phone boxes, cartons, electronics, CARDS, PE bag, etc., with the CAB printer, realize the online printing, such as: a fixed bar code, price tag, qr code, serial number bar code, the information such as product model change, namely namely stick, may at any time according to the requirements in the computer modify printing information. It saves the tedious process of manual printing and labeling separately and saves the cost. It can be configured with multiple label headers and printers to realize the function of attaching multiple labels to a product. After the signal is processed by PLC, the label is sent out at an appropriate time to be attached to the set position of the product. The product flows through the overlaying device, the label is covered firmly, and the attaching action of a label is completed.
              Shenzhen bogao sign technology co., LTD., focusing on mobile phone, automotive, medical, automation equipment and other industries, provides high-end barcode solutions to help enterprises achieve barcode industry 4.0.
        Manufacturing labeling application equipment
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